Health Engineering and Biotechnology (HEB) is a new affiliated journal of the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Qazvin, Iran. The HEB is an open access peer-reviewed online journal with quarterly issues that publishes Original Articles, Reviews, Mini Reviews, Brief Communications and Letter to the Editor in English in all aspects of biotechnology.

We are particularly seeking articles that are relevant to the applications of biotechnology with a more specialized focus on health engineering. Moreover, we welcome to the articles covering the science and business of modern biotechnology in the health field.


Chairman: Dr. Mojtaba Fathi

Editor in Chief: Dr. Hamid Shahbazmohammadi

Production Editor/ Executive Manager: Dr. Ghazaleh Mohammadi


The HEB journal aims to address how biotechnology can help to the development of new technologies and innovative solutions for diagnosing and treating diseases which are key parts of health-related research to offer better solutions for patient care, health and quality of life.

• Biomolecular engineering (engineering DNA/RNA/enzyme/antibody/protein) 

• Metabolic engineering

• Genetic engineering

• Cell engineering

• Neuroengineering

• Computational biology

• Regenerative medicine (stem cells, tissue engineering, therapeutic cloning,    biomaterials)

• Biosensors

• Applied immunology (T-cell therapy, vaccine)

• Therapeutics (gene therapy, antisense, SiRNA, aptamers, RNAi)

• Nanobiotechnology

• Medical diagnostics

• Novel expression systems

• Systems biology

• Biocatalysis

• Applied microbiology

• Synthetic biology

• Molecular pharming (transgenic animals, knockouts, reproductive cloning)

• Environmental biotechnology

• Agbiotech and transgenic plants
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